Self referrals

Find information in the pages below for self referral services.

Abuse or violence

Find out how to get support for abuse or violence. Your Sanctuary They offer sanctuary, support and empowerment to anyone affected by Domestic Abuse. All of their services are confidential ... [continue] Abuse or violence

Bereavement support

Find out where you can get help and support for bereavement. What to do when someone passes away? This guidance aims to clarify the distinction between confirming and certifying death ... [continue] Bereavement support

Bowel cancer screening

About 1 in 20 people will get bowel cancer in their life. It affects men and women. Screening can help detect bowel cancer early, when it’s easier to treat. How ... [continue] Bowel cancer screening

Drug and alcohol issues

Find out how to get support with drug and alcohol issues. Surrey Drug and Alcohol Service Whatever you are going through they are there if you want to talk to ... [continue] Drug and alcohol issues

Eating disorder self referral

Eating disorder service is now self referral and can help with conditions like: Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Binge Eating Disorder Unspecified feeding and eating disorders Please call the main service ... [continue] Eating disorder self referral

Managing pain

We can help you with: finding ways to manage your pain reducing your dose of pain medication, if that’s what you need Medications that should be reviewed Studies have shown ... [continue] Managing pain

Mental health self referral

Find out how to get support for your mental health. Get support without seeing a GP. You may get help sooner if you use the services below. You do not ... [continue] Mental health self referral

Muscle and joint pain

Find out how to get support for muscle and joint pain. NHS physiotherapy services Physiotherapy is free and available on the NHS throughout the UK. Depending on where you live, ... [continue] Muscle and joint pain

Pregnancy and maternity care self referral

For urgent help: Call a Midwife 24/7 Urgent Maternity Triage Line Tel 0300 123 5473   If you’ve found out you are pregnant, it’s best to see a midwife as ... [continue] Pregnancy and maternity care self referral

Self Referral to Continence Services

Continence self referral Please see the Continence Service Self-referral form below. Patients and/or carers need to return the form to the continence service at: Please do not return the ... [continue] Self Referral to Continence Services

Sexual health

Find out how to get support for sexual health. Healthy Surrey Sexual Health Having good sexual health is an important part of staying physically and emotionally healthy. If you’re sexually ... [continue] Sexual health

Social prescribing

Your social prescription – Getting started Social Prescribing is a way of linking people with social, emotional and practical needs to a range of local non-medical support services. They can ... [continue] Social prescribing

Stopping smoking

Find out how to get support to help you stop smoking. One You Surrey One You Surrey provides a range of proven methods, advice and support to help you quit ... [continue] Stopping smoking

Support for carers

Find out where you can get help and support for carers. You can contact these organisations yourself without speaking to a GP first. Action for Carers Surrey This organisation provides ... [continue] Support for carers

Weight management

Find out how to get support with weight management. One You Surrey One You Surrey’s free healthy lifestyle service which includes supporting the county’s residents to lose weight. They can ... [continue] Weight management

Date published: 18th December, 2023
Date last updated: 18th December, 2023