Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of our services.

For example:

  • private sick notes
  • insurance forms
  • holiday cancellation forms
  • medical reports
  • fitness to travel certificates
  • private prescriptions
  • some vaccination services

You can find our fees for these services in the surgery or see the fees list below

Private fees for Non-NHS services

Report for Government Agencies Standard fee scales

  • Pre-employment medicals ( No examination ) £ 98.50 ( urine + blood tests £ 15 per item )
  • Child Minding Form Ofsted Health Declaration £35.00
  • Blue Badge (disabled parking ) £25.00
  • HGV/LGV/PSV/Taxi /Minicab Medicals £110.00
  • Fostering Medical £110.00
  • Private Sickness Certificate (less than 7 days) £25.00
  • Private Prescriptions ( eg: travel ie. Malaria or non NHS ) £25.00
  • Holiday Cancellation Form £60.00
  • Private Referral Form £25.00
  • General Practitioner Report (GPR) £100.00
  • Private Medical Insurance Claim Forms / Reports Without Examination (eg BUPA, PPP, etc. ) £75.00
  • Various Forms/Letters, To whom it may concern/Gym Letters, etc,
  • Mortgage Claim at the discretion of the Practice £25.00
  • DNA Test Swab £30.00
  • Blood £50.00
  • Hepatitis B vaccine (travel) £40/dose
  • Complete 3 course dose £120. We do not offer any other private travel vaccines
  • Forms for charitable ventures: In exceptional circumstances there may be no charge – at the discretion of the Practice.

The Practice reserves the right to adjust its fees in the light of amount of work involved in completing the form in question. You will be advised of any adjusted fee prior to completion.

Please note the Surgery will complete forms as soon as it can but we do not give guaranteed times. Any forms that require completion within 48 hours will be charged an additional £50.00

Method of payment: Cash or card only, no cheques accepted. Payment can be taken over the phone. Payment must be made at the time of the request. No work can be completed until payment is received.

Private referrals

Requests for private referrals are mostly precipitated by the need or wish of the patient/s to be seen by a consultant earlier than what the NHS can provide. There may be cases when patient’s private insurance cover is not sufficient for long term care or if patient is unable to continue to pay for private visits. Patients in this case, can go back to their GP to request an NHS referral to continue their treatment if appropriate.

When requesting  Private Referrals, the patient needs to send us the following information please:

  • Condition for which this private referral is requested for
  • Name of the Consultant and speciality
  • Name of the Hospital / Private Clinic including address
  • Any information regarding the date and time of their appointment if known.
  • Patient must state that they are privately insured ( name of the health insurance company )
  • If not Privately Insured, to note that Patient is Fee paying.

There is no fee for Private Referral Letters.

Medical letters / private medical referrals  issued upon request will include historical  medical information based upon the patients record as an integral part of their medical history.

We do not have enough admin manpower to make detailed alterations to suit specific patients request.

Private referral letters can be posted, emailed to the address indicated on the patients medical records or picked up by the patient. Once sent it’s it the patients responsibility to share this information with any third party ( i.e. insurance companies, family members, etc. )

The patient should arrange their appointment with the private consultant as this cannot be done by the Practice. Once a private appointment is arranged, should the patient fail to attend they must re-arranged their own private appointment. The practice cannot follow up private appointments on your behalf.

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) requests

Our Practice does not offer or get involved with LPA matters or detailing capacity. You do not need a doctor to sign a Lasting Power of Attorney form and it is best to consult with a suitable solicitor.

Visit the Age UK website for LPA Advice

Private prescriptions

  • A GP in the surgery can only provide a private prescription if the medication is not available on the NHS. A private prescription is not written on an official NHS prescription and so it is not paid for by the NHS. A prescription is a legal document for which the doctor, who has issued and signed it, is responsible. A doctor you see privately is unable to issue an NHS prescription. The cost of a private prescription is met wholly by the patient and is dictated by the cost of the medicine plus the pharmacists charge for supplying it.
  • Whenever a GP prescribes a medicine for you they are taking  responsibility for that item, even if the medicine is recommended for you by another doctor. It, therefore, cannot always be expected that your GP will prescribe the medicine(s) recommended for you by the private doctor
  • A private prescription may be used when medication is being requested solely in anticipation of the onset of an ailment whilst outside the UK, but for which the patient does not require treatment at the time when the medicine is prescribed or for drugs issued for the prevention of malaria.

Replacing a Private Script with an NHS Prescription

We will only replace a private script with an NHS script providing an appropriate letter from the private consultant is supplied with the prescription. The letter will need to clearly detail the indication for starting the medication advised by the private consultant. Failure to provide this will result in a delay in issuing you an NHS prescription.

The decision to replace a private prescription with an NHS prescription remains with the patient’s GP under our local prescribing policies. Therefore if the indication to start a private medication falls outside of our local prescribing policies then the prescription will either be changed in accordance to good local evidence based prescribing or not be issued (it will remain a private prescription).

Your GP is not obliged to replace Private prescriptions with an NHS prescriptions if he/ she deems that it is not appropriate. Your private script can be used at any pharmacy but will encounter an appropriate drug charge.

Please allow up to 72hrs from the time of request to pick for all such prescriptions.


Date published: 20th September, 2023
Date last updated: 30th March, 2024