Asthma is a common lung condition that causes occasional breathing difficulties.

It affects people of all ages and often starts in childhood, although it can also develop for the first time in adults.

There’s currently no cure, but there are simple treatments that can help keep the symptoms under control so it does not have a big impact on your life.

It is very important for you to respond to your annual request for information in order to keep your asthma under control and for you to complete an asthma action plan using the links below:

Follow this link to complete the asthma review questionnaire before your annual appointment.

This information we be reviewed by our asthma co-ordinator who may contact you for a review with a nurse.

Further information

Download the Asthma UK Child Asthma Action Plan to help you manage your medication and advise on what to do if your asthma is getting worse.

Download the Asthma UK Adult Asthma Action Plan for a step-by-step guide that helps you stay on top of your asthma.

Date published: 20th September, 2023
Date last updated: 4th January, 2024