Dentist treatment and Doacs

The Practice does not provide treatment or medication for dentist related problems. GP’s are not covered to provide such care and this is outside the level of competency. Please do not call our team requesting treatment or medication relating to issues that are best treated by a dentist.

To find an NHS Dentist, visit: Find a Dentist

To find an emergency NHS Dentist: Emergency Dentist Details

Our Practice does not prescribe sedatives for dental treatment but your dentist can prescribe such treatment if required.

The NHS also provides help and support for apprehensive patients.

Please visit for more information.

Antiplatelet drugs and Dental Treatment

Most patients who are taking antiplatelet DOAC/ NOAC drugs do not need to consult a GP but the dentist needs to follow standard management practices.

DOAC/NOAC are drugs like:

  • Edoxaban
  • Apixaban
  • Dabigatran
  • Rivvaroxaban
  • Etexilate

A GP or consultation specialist may need to be consulted if the patient is taking multiple antiplatelet medication or an injectable medication.

For more details please view the below guides:

NHS Dentist Services in Surrey that also provide home visiting to housebound patients

Please see the website link of NHS supported dental service who also provide home visits to those patients who are housebound.

Surrey Home Dental Services

Date published: 14th December, 2023
Date last updated: 14th December, 2023