Infection Control

Infection Control

This annual statement summarises:

• Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been reported in accordance with our Significant Events Reporting procedures)

• Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions taken.

• Details of any infection control risk assessments undertaken.

• Details of staff training.

• Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines.

Statement 2023


This annual statement will be generated each year.  It will summarise: 

• Any infection transmission incidents and any action taken (these will have been reported in accordance with our Significant Events Reporting procedures) 

• Details of any infection control audits undertaken and actions taken. 

• Details of any infection control risk assessments undertaken. 

• Details of staff training. 

• Any review and update of policies, procedures and guidelines.

• Antimicrobial prescribing and stewardship


Infection control is a key element of the management of our practice and in meeting the needs of our patients. Our management team has responsibility for our infection control policies and procedures and in ensuring compliance. 

The last few years has been an exceptional time within General Practice as we work to control the Covid pandemic and it to maintain a level of clinical care. The covid effort has had to take priority and hence some of our “normal” meetings etc have had to be reduced however we are now emerging from Covid and the NHS policy has moved to living with Covid as life returns to a more normal balance. There is huge amount of work to catch up on and patient expectations of the NHS are high as they seek the help that they need.

The PCN model has continued to be developed and, under this model, we have built our Pharmacy and Care Co-ordinator teams to help provide patient support and to meet demand.

Significant events

There have been no significant events raised that are related to infection control. 


The Surrey ICB Infection Control Audit for General Practice template is used as an audit guideline. The template covers the following areas Management of infection Prevention, Environment, Hand Washing/Hygiene, Clinical Practices, Clinical Equipment, Waste Disposal, Sharps Handling, Minor Surgery, Vaccine Storage and Specimen handling.

This audit covered all the key areas as noted above. No major issues or problems were highlighted during the audit. Some staff training is required around specimen sample training is required.

1) Our contractor cleaners have continued there cleaning program and have completed the twice yearly deep clean programs which includes the soaking of the floor surfaces to remove the build up of footmarks.

2) New desks have been installed in our reception area as we have returned to an open plan office which is more conducive to team working. New desks have also been fitted within our meeting room. Removed of the old desks has enabled these areas to be thoroughly cleaned prior to new furniture being installed. The whole reception area has also been repainted in a neutral colour which has given this area a fresh new look.

3) PPE stores are source directly from the NHS and aprons, masks and cleaning gel/santiser have been readily available.

Risk Assessments

The surgery is very busy and the building well used. Although we have carried out much redecoration this is a never ending task especially in areas used by the public where marks can quickly build up. As part of this work the following assessments and improvements have been made:

• Site wide review with practice cleaners to see how we can improve Practice cleanliness. For example when using a wet mopped the skirting boards have become very dirty with a build up of dirty water. The skirting has been cleaned and now the cleaners will mop the central walk areas with special care not to allow the mop to leave a residue on the skirting.

• Cleaning of each consulting room especially around the entrance door and underneath couches where dirt can accumulate.

• When performed a deep wet clean the cleaners need to take specially care to remove any splashing onto walls which can then attract dirt. 

• The flooring area in room 14 needs replacing as the surface is cracked. The Practice has applied to the NHS and we await their approval. The floors in room 11, 9 and 3 are difficult to clean and hence we have also applied for these to be replaced especially as this area is used for a complex wound dressing service and hence needs to be presentable.

• Legionella risk assessment documented and external testing of water supplied conducted and confirmed to be compliant.

• Risk assessments are completed and available to all staff

• Events have been reviewed, discussed and action steps noted and documented as SAE and are available to all staff.

• Practice prescribing of Antimicrobial medication is audit quarterly by the ICB and the information shared with the Practice. The Practice prescribing is inline with guidelines and the national average for the prescribing of Antimicrobial medication. We are also working hard within our clinics to reduce the need to prescribe Antimicrobials for example by making good use of silver dressings and honey treatments within our complex wound clinics. This reflects good Antimicrobial stewardship.

Staff training

At the time of the publication of the annual infection control statement, most clinical staff are in date for hand washing training and training records are well maintained and accessible to all staff. We will continue this training program to ensure completion.


Infection control meetings are held as part of our practice meeting. These are minuted and actions steps assessed and available on shared drive. These are attended by all clinical staff and management.

Policies, procedures and guidelines

Our Infection control policies were reviewed during 2023 and these are available on the shared drive.

Cleaning plans/schedules have been maintained and agreed with cleaning contractors.

The Managing Partner is responsible for premise maintenance, the regular monitoring of the standard of cleaning throughout the practice and reporting deficiencies to the contract cleaners.

Reviewed: 16th May 23

Next review due: 16th May 24

Person Responsible: PM